COSMOS4U AdMACD Indicator and Expert Advisor optimized parameters for H1 time interval

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Welcome to COSMOS4U research department

This is where you can get an insight into settings for the most highly acclaimed trend following and momentum indicators that are employed in stock markets’ technical analysis.

Within the framework of research and backtesting, COSMOS4U generates and publishes its suggestions for settings regarding the parameters of these indicators.

This particular webpage provides settings’ options for AdMACD parameters in order to enhance fully automated live trading.

COSMOS4U, periodically applies backtesting trading strategies and efficiency maximizing calculations to AdMACD parameters, and displays optimal calculated values of these parameters.

The webpage displays parameters with regard to closing prices of currency pairs, measured within an established 1-hour time frame and included in the following tables.

Bear in mind, that they are valid only when utilized on a 60-minute time scale (H1).
The subsequent tables comprise parameters with optimal performance in back testing for a given trading period of 3-8 months prior to this date.

In order to make the most of these parameters, all you have to do is apply the hourly time frame to your currency pair and replace the standard values of AdMACD parameters (a=12, b=26, c=9), with the recommended values included in the following tables.

The profit factor as well as the net total profit are concerned with historical price data, since the AdMACD is a lagging and not a leading indicator. They epitomize the accomplished efficiency level during a past trading period.

Under no circumstances does adoption and implementation of the aforementioned parameters guarantee investment profit, as responsibility for effectual implementation and use of these trading strategies lies with you.

Therefore, the company cannot be held liable for money loss incurred in the stock market.

Parameters will be updated on a weekly basis to allow you to follow prevailing trend and momentum. Our system has been proven to demonstrate consistent results and generate profits for traders from all over the world.

This is a cutting-edge environment that allows for a high level of extensibility and customization.

The COSMOS4U research department wishes you good luck with your trades.

Click on any of the symbols and take a look at some of the successful recorded closed positions of AdMACD Trading System.

COSMOS4U AdMACD parameters for the 52nd week of 2019 (H1 Timeframe)

Indicator & Expert Advisor
Moving Averages
COSMOS4U Volume Indicator
Moving Average Periods
Symbol Name Fast Slow Signal Fast Slow Highest Volume Summary - Difference Last Updated
eu   EUR Exchange Rates
usa   USD Exchange Rate
uk   GBP Exchange Rate
australia   ANZ Exchange Rate
metals   Metals & Energy Exchange Rates


Due to server and method upgrades, only EURUSD, GBPUSD and USDJPY parameters will be updated and AdMACD Signals will be published only for those pairs.

Stay in touch for future signals so as to keep abreast with trader sentiment shifting.

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