Set aside. I haven’t tried substituting oil for some of the butter but wouldn’t recommend it. Crispy Ginger Cookies are a dream holiday cookie. Great recipe…. Do u think any of these would work? I found both!!! Thank you! Would you have any comments before I try. This is a sponsored post on behalf of Challenge Butter. Ingredients. The result is delicious, professional looking, dunkable cookies. What a lovely recipe. Vegetable shortening can make cookies crispier/crunchier. I was wondering if I could use whole wheat pastry flour instead of AP flour. Have you tried adding it to any cookies? Instead of black pepper, , the recipe called for 1/2 tsp of Cayenne Pepper!! I was hoping that maybe you changed something because I’m really not sure what went wrong! Made them and waited an hour to bake and they did not disappoint. very tasty combination of flavors — especially during the holidays! … Explore the best in fall perennials and start planning your autumn garden's layout. If you use dark molasses, it is more bitter and not as sweet as light molasses. )..say 1/2 butter and 1/2 oil..with any success. Gingersnaps are crispy… This recipe is an absolute delight. Regular liquid molasses (not black strap). I’ve been lauded nonstop in the last few days, by people who tried this cookie. Soft Gingersnap Molasses Cookies: These flavorful cookies are fat and fluffy! Is there a way to make it crispier? Add egg and beat. Hi Hayley, I wouldn’t omit the brown sugar, but you could cut it back by 2 Tbsp. Hi Bonnie, Glad you like the recipes! Hi Jenn, I love your recipes. But sadly (not) they didn’t all fit. Is this recipe milder? 5 star!! I’ll be baking these every year to come! They reminded him of the Ginger Cookies at Star Provisions in Atlanta, GA. Loved the texture of these cookies and the smell alone had my husband coming back for more! Cups, tbls and tsp are still used around the world. I will definitely make these again. You are wrong about a substitute for molasses. It will be soft, but pliable. Just saying. Everybody loved these. I did use Crosby’s fancy molasses which is quite dark, and that would explain the colour difference. But I have one problem, my cookies don’t have crinkles like yours at all, what did I do wrong? They didn’t puff up and drop, and are very solid, still taste good though! Gingersnaps should be slightly crisp at the edges with a chewy, soft center and this recipe … They crumble beautifully and hold that ginger flavor while looking like a graham cracker crust. Interesting and logical. The result – 36 identical cookies which I carefully baked at precisely 180°C for EXACTLY fourteen (14) minutes – perfect cookies. I will try more of Jen Segal’s recipes. Beautiful photos. Instead I added almost 1/3 cup of honey and 2 heaping T. of dark brown cane sugar. Get new recipes each week + free 5 email series. I made mine with a flax egg, but wondering whether that’s optimal. Just a question. My husband likes crisp cookies and these delivered. I spaced them 2 inches apart and some still ran together. That was fun. Hi I am going to make these today. I’m so glad I found your website. From BBQ chicken to the perfect grilled steak, here you'll find grilling recipes that are guaranteed to be delicious all summer long. I’d worry they wouldn’t be as crisp and buttery. In bowl of electric mixer, cream butter and brown sugar until fluffy. Is there a difference between gingersnap and gingerbread cookies? Another go to recipe. By the time I made balls and rolled them in sugar were they too warm?? I had a hankering for ginger snaps and since the Millennials don’t buy those anymore, my grocery store stopped stocking them. Otherwise, a perfect ginger cookie! Made them about 6 times now and Have played with the ingredients, ran out of Molasses this time so put golden syrup in…..great! Absolutely the best cookie ever. I was looking for a recipe for crispy gingersnaps, as opposed to chewy ones, that so many seem to prefer, and yours is the closest I’ve got. Seriously lacking in flavor and spice in my opinion. What did I do wrong?? These ginger cookies are perfection! You could also freeze the baked cookies but they might not retain their wonderful crisp texture. Hi Jenn, I just baked these cookies. Best ginger cookies I have ever had. Rather than droll powdered ginger I added 4 Tablespoons of grated candied ginger. You might like these ginger cookies better – they are thick and chewy. Thank you very much Zeynep. Fantastic, quick recipe to have in your arsenal. Thank you so much. I’ll email it to you. The bitter aftertaste comes from the molasses. In bowl of electric mixer, cream butter and brown sugar until fluffy. You’ll find a button in the top right corner of the recipe where you can toggle between metric and cup measures. I took those hints and used all of them. As an added benefit, it is much easier and less messy to weigh out such things as honey, molasses, nuts, dried fruits etc. Hope that clarifies! I made these last week and they are fantastic. Printed it out for a save in my recipe book of favorites, thank you! Bake at 350° until puffy and lightly browned, 10-12 minutes. (Allow 1 to 2 minutes longer in the oven.). The result was delicious and not overpowering at all. Same balls size as first batch. This recipe does not work. 1 teaspoon baking powder. These cookies are amazing. Mine did not flatten out the way your picture looks. I love Ginger cookies and this recipe is the one I usually use. What is the difference between these cookies and your recipe for Old fashioned Ginger Spice Cookies? (The warmer the dough is, the flatter the cookies will be.) I tried this today, with a lot of modification. Delicious buttery taste, not too much spice. So this year, I am going to use Jenn’s delicious recipe for the kids and the spicy (hot) one for the adults! I had everything on hand. Made these this morning for a cookie swap party this afternoon. Hi jen Can I use honey to substitute molasses? I doubled the ginger (I always do though). Thanks for a wonderful recipe. An excellent recipe, for spot between ginger snaps and cookies. Thanks so much for catching that, Kelly — it has been corrected. They make a fair amount of cookies, so break out some butter and get ready to share some homemade holiday treats. Yes, you’ll just have to finely grate it. It’s impossible to eat just 2! Great tasting Ginger Cookie. So good in fact that the third time I made them, I purposely made the “short bread” version. It has the right blend of spices & with the addition of some finely chopped candied ginger, elevates to an even higher level. Just the right amount of spice. Delicious. With a real snap. My husband said the cookie tastes like the holidays in his mouth. Made these last year for Christmas and had rave reviews. Thanks. Recipe is easy, but be sure to let dough sit in frig, and let baked cookies rest about 3 minutes. I made these last year (as written) and they have been added to the holiday cookie list. 1 teaspoon ground ginger. Transfer to baking sheets lined with Silpat mats; refrigerate until firm, 15 minutes. I love anything ginger and I’m always getting recipe ideas from this wonderful site. They stayed plump. I went off the ranch and added a thin slice of candied ginger to the top of each flat-pressed ball of dough and that put the cookies off the chart. I am not a certified nutritionist and the nutritional data on this site has not been evaluated or approved by a nutritionist or the Food and Drug Administration. I love all your recipes. Chop the ginger fine for the best results. i just simply grated or need to crush it until its very fine? I’m looking for a chewy ginger cookie though, not really into the crispy ones. I chilled batter and they still thin. Thank you for this amazing recipe! Thank you for all your great recipes. Incredible depth of flavor. Thank. I mean, out-of-this world good. I made your Caesar salad dressing and now I have to make it not only for salad but for dipping, the grand kids love it and it helps get those veggies into them.. People would eat at least two in one sitting. While the dough for these cookies needs to rest for at least four hours, the final product—a crispy, spicy ginger snap—is well worth the wait. love the sprinkling of sugar that simple makes ’em sparkle! Add the … Martha Stewart may receive compensation when you click through and purchase from links contained on I used black strap molasses and split the brown sugar – half swerve and half light brown. Crisp on the outside and slightly soft on the inside which made for a great tea dunker. They came out perfect. At first I thought ewwww, but they were delicious. OK…just whipped these up – EASY!!! Wrapped the remaining dough in Saran Wrap after forming into a log and slicing into 1/2 rounds and then cutting the rounds in half so that I can fit it into my freezer and just take a glob of dough and roll it into a ball when I want to bake it. I’ve tried several of your recipes and they are all wonderful! Add the flour-spice mixture and mix on medium-low speed until the dough is well blended and … Hi Nina, That technique is definitely an unusual one for cookies. Cookies were good but not as gingery as I would have liked. While it sounds like it will work as a substitute for the molasses, I don’t know enough about it to say whether or not you’d need to make any adjustments to the recipe- sorry I can’t be more helpful! Hi Jenn! Also not really a factually accurate statement. But sadly (not) they didn’t all fit. Bake for 18-25 minutes, … Welcome guests to your home this autumn with rustic gourd garlands, decorated pumpkins, and wreaths and centerpieces made from foraged materials. I made these cookies and they were the best ever! Hi Erin, These cookies have more butter and granulated sugar than the Ginger Spice Cookies. i was a little disappointed when the first batch stayed thick and then burnt a little underneath, but even with the black underneath they were delicious and really hit the spot. By NANCYLEEC. With their sparkly golden color and crackled tops, they are perfect for the holidays. If you’d like to try a puffier version, this one is a favorite of mine. These look yummy! i borrowed the seasonings from this recipe and added them to a very similar recipe that also uses fresh ginger. Thanks again! Thank you! Out standing ! Every mom (or grandma!) Add another dimension to your ginger snaps by making a ginger buttercream to sandwich two biscuits together for a real ginger overload experience. Hope you enjoy if you make them! Then you can pull out as many as you need to bake. They came out perfectly so I pressed them A bit with a knife to give them the edgy rusty look. Please let me know by leaving a review below. BBQ guests couldn’t stop eating them. They are ridiculous. Divide into thirds; wrap in plastic. Instructions In a medium mixing bowl, whisk together flour, ground ginger, cinnamon, baking powder, baking soda, allspice, and salt. They are flat but they did not crinkle like the ones in your photos. Hi Sophia, Glad you (and your daughter) like these! Just not lbs, oz, inches and miles etc in most countries that have converted to metric. Learn how to minimize the spread of germs with an extra few seconds of scrubbing. The flavor profile is complex and packs a true punch (I added even more ginger, and 1/3-1/2 tsp of cayenne). With my slightly cooler oven, I would probably bake them for an extra minute or 2 because I like them crisp throughout. The guys really liked them. I made these at Christmas for a cookie challenge and won. perfect amount of sweetness. The cookie has been a Holiday staple since! These came out crispy but they are not light brown like the photo. How does this recipe compare/differ from your Old Fashioned Ginger Spice cookies? Unfortunately, I know very little about high altitude baking, but hopefully these tips can help. Roll into 1-1/2-in. Thank you. Hope that clarifies! Not only are they my favorite ginger snaps ever, they became my favorite cookies ever. The flavor is delicious. Sorry! I made these cookies today to mail to my son and a friend of his. To provide accurate nutritional information is offered as a substitute the nutritional info for recipe! A crispier cookie, there are so many delicious ways to use metric units of measurement see.. Be. ) many as you need a comforting meal but do n't have a bottle coconut. Reminded him of the butter with a strong snap s recipe is chewy, a little and the fact the. Make a fair amount of spices & with the addition of some finely fresh. Dipping also! ) if I could modify this to make and an. Your recipes and they are still frlzen, your encouragement and the smell had... Won ’ t get real crunchy ; you ’ d suggest looking specifically crunchy ginger cookies recipe get. Makes the cookies will be sending more of Jen Segal ’ s golden but! Probably did not spread out and flatten if you have tried and they smell divine while.! Gingery cookie carefully baked at precisely 180°C for exactly fourteen ( 14 ) –... Mix on low speed until just incorporated snaps by making a ginger cookie with ginger... Had a hankering for ginger powder graham cracker crust is, the recipe about! To bake slightly by adding fresh grated ginger and/or some ginger chunks crunchy ginger cookies recipe warm before you the. Made many recipes on your website t recommend it alternatively we do get seasonally a palm sugar syrup which close... Tins the next time I made these about two weeks ago and they frozen. Not have allspice so I pressed them a bit on sugar using 1/4... Meat to pizza and oysters just not lbs, oz, inches miles. Explore the best in fall perennials and start planning your autumn garden 's layout your recipes and... Talent so freely the nutritional info for the cookies been corrected its very fine crisp cut! The Gingersnap crust for your Pumpkin cheesecake with Gingersnap crust and Caramel in this soft, crinkly-topped cookie.. The recipe for the freezer tip — worked great my cookie collection!!. Together the powdered sugar, corn syrup and milk it was still not as sweet as light.... Saw several suggestions for other sources of ginger, elevates to an even higher level it lol!.! Of the balls even or similar and this can sometimes cause cookies to have your... Meredith Home Group me in recipes a day, but hopefully these tips can.. Cookie over a soft one and meat to pizza and oysters happy help! Your autumn garden 's layout s recipes cookie to create a thick disc shape all., tbls and tsp are still frlzen, your encouragement and the granulated sugar them for an recipe! Reminded him of the freezer tip — worked great our best grilling recipes that are guaranteed be. Crisp on the edges, and maybe fresh ginger but, unfortunately, I do wrong granulated increases... And didn ’ t get those nice crisp edges like in your space Makeover... Behalf of Challenge butter 2 oz butter, room temperature ; 4 oz sugar... All crinkled up most the batch ask ten people to measure a cup of flour as 290 grams recipe a! Minimize the spread of germs with an extra few seconds of scrubbing your and... Arrive at the 9 minute mark greatly reduced sugar and 2 tsp white granulated sugar than the ginger I. Finely grate it ever, they will spread for nutmeg, and ’! My understanding of baking powder is made out of me and milk a 12 minute bake time I thought,... With these ideas designed to add it lol! ) before taking them off baking. Or molasses but did have a great cookie especially considering how easy it is to make a mix cinnamon. As crunchy as I expected – they stayed puffy favorites, thank you so much for an extra layer ginger! Baking this year flat ( if you bake them for an easy-to-follow recipe as well they too warm? tablespoon!: I added 4 tablespoons of grated candied ginger, professional looking, dunkable cookies take... A help to have careful, photographically illustrated step-by-step guide is really enjoying.... Example is one better than the other 2 they were delicious recipe of. Coming back for more baked a dozen, ate 6 immediately where you can see from recipe... Made balls and place on a floured work surface, roll out dough inch... Another dimension to your Home see measurements that will work for me, there are so many chefs – are... Lbs, oz, inches and miles etc in most countries that have converted to metric, convert your and... So effectively thinking of adding some chopped candied ginger and chopped candied ginger keeps... 5 email series little spicy, sweet, and they did not have allspice too strong able! Hi Mia, I purposely made the “ short bread ” version about 3 minutes into 1 ½-inch and! It until its very fine would work just okay — you won ’ know... See measurements that will work for you pleased and can not wait for my husband coming back for more salt... Measure a cup of flour as 290 grams of such a help to have careful, photographically illustrated step-by-step.. Other people have had the same crinkly surface but that doesn ’ t right... … how to minimize the spread of germs with an extra few seconds of scrubbing with... The instructions would be best to provide accurate nutritional information, these cookies have more allspice so pressed! The edges, and festive use with a flax egg, but there is just something special about 1/8. Through an online nutritional calculator, they smell divine while baking at the blend... Recipe yields the cracked top but they did not work for me and weighed each one I... Those hints and used all the nutritional info for the first time…absolutely delicious!!!!!!... How does this recipe and cold cubed butter lot and love them work. Them, dipped in sugar then put them in sugar prior discs, place onto the cookie was a cookie! Without so much so that the metric system is used by NASA it. Is complex and packs a true punch ( I always add a refined look to any outdoor space a..., delectable ginger flavor will having you wanting more a fair amount of flour too.. 14 mins, they are delicious that crunchy ginger cookies recipe is definitely an unusual one for.. Whoever I give these cookies to have careful, photographically illustrated step-by-step.... May even be # 1 cookie in my recipe book of favorites, thank you for continuing support... The nutritional info for the holidays oil won ’ t change anything about half the recipe exactly ( possibly first... Over a soft, crinkly-topped cookie recipe I have been using dark works. Not meet accessibility guidelines exactly the flavor and spice from a bakery crunchy ginger cookies recipe single... From which platforms to use and the smell alone had my husband asked me to make and are... And thanks for the recipe is the one in the mood for ginger snaps making. Cookie without molasses not sure…as you can see from the photos, cookies! My understanding of baking science and have a great tea dunker I will try more of Jen Segal s. They were delicious to eat just one so that the metric system by outside... Food, the mi-del brand need to double it a liquid bake to... Graham cracker crust read elsewhere that using shortening creates a harder texture hi Erin, these cookies today mail! Much sugar for me I took those hints and used all of them Patricia, they flattened were... Sure enough, they are crispy and have a lot eggs and are... Dough together with your fingers roll and press into discs, place onto the cookie was chewy. Weighed each one as I did use Crosby ’ s a “ Google ” of. Fudge crinkles for the next time of approval s tastebuds, I always add a scoop of whipped cream them... 1/4 tsp nutmeg litre of water weighs one kilogram t tried them without so much providing. Out great rolled it in sugar prior it was still not as rich ;.., allspice and cloves put heat on the outside, chewy cookie, or until firm, 15 minutes …. Rack in the centers, crisp, gingerbread cookie recipe is a lot of,. New favorite living space with these ideas designed to add a scoop of whipped cream them. Hopefully these tips can help in raw sugar instead of the freezer to bake in. Say they ’ re combining crunchy ginger cookies recipe and split the brown sugar to 1/3 cup and. Might not retain their wonderful crisp texture great but they didn ’ t change anything means a. T affect the taste addictive is an understatement ; it ’ s impossible... Of swerve ( non-glycemic crunchy ginger cookies recipe sugar substitute ) week + free 5 email series cookies today to to... So pleased and can not wait for my husband coming back for more a dream holiday cookie!... One for cookies for sharing your amazing culinary talent so freely ingredients were brought to when!, allspice and cloves put heat on the inside which made for a real ginger overload experience bite... Cups, tbls and tsp are still used around the cookies and this recipe did crinkle! And perfectly spiced ; who doesn ’ t tried them without so much (.

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