It was like Wuling Farm was brought to Taipei by an unseen force. Havinng been to Wuling Farm many times. Hot spring lovers can indulge at Beitou Thermal Valley or by making a day trip from Taipei to the hot spring villages of Jiaoxi or Wulai. Continue then to the Korean peninsula, arriving just in time for the Cherry Blossom peak, and for easy hikes through some of the country’s most scenic sites to experience and enjoy the colorful bloom. In Southern Taiwanese cities such as Tainan and Kaohsiung, things are already starting to heat up a little, and even Taipei is usually starting to feel warmer by the end of March. What's the basis of my predictions? Travel Buddy Teklu, the yaesakura and the head photobomber. Visitors wishing to see the cherry blossoms at Yangming Park are advised to board the public bases from specific MRT Station along the Red Line. The first bus leaves at 9:30 am and the last bus will be 3:30 pm. Or you could even make a trip to Taroko Gorge: Once those with tickets have already entered the bus, EasyCard holders can now enter provided that there are seats left. But I was wrong! Tourists don't need to board the gondolas nor buy tickets to enjoy the cherry blossoms. If you're going to explore dowtown Taichung and Kaohsiung, then you definitely need to get this. It was another great day for cherry blossom viewing. The yaesakuras have multiple petals and different from the usual Japanese flowering cherry varieties. But it didn't stop visitors from going to Neihu to see the sakuras. During my visit, the mountain cherries were almost in full blossom and visitors can't stop themselves from taking pictures. Aside from the while cherry blossoms, there were also pink varities and probably at the end of March it will be in full bloom. 5 to 10 is ok if you go to the Tai'an Police Station at Taichung. The wooden fence made the place more scenic. as my trip to taichung will prolly be only 2d1n. But Expect a very tiring ride if you decide to start your journey from there. If you go on any other day, you might not be able to pick the fruits. Hi Gleb, Only one person has died in Taiwan, and he was an old man who was already sick. Taiwan's very own Central Weather Bureau (CWB) is the equivalent of the KMA and JMA, but it doesn't release information about sakura. In Taiwan, the mountain cherry blossom trees will be the first to show their flowers in January, followed by other sakura varieties on February. do you deem this as a safe period where i will get to see cherry blossoms at least once? The result is a loss of flowers like 20%. It would be a triple treat if you will visit Yinghua Park, New Garden City, and Wulai in one day by tripool taxi. This is a secret spot in Taipei that is not known to many travellers. There is a standard cherry blossom viewing route in Wuling Farm. On rare occasions, Wuling Farm can extend the official cherry blossom to March. Visitors taking Bus 5301 must take note of its departure times from Shangbaling. If you can't do these, just get an EasyCard and load some money on it. need to buy Cingjing Farm and Swiss Garden tickets. So it is possible to wander in the farm from maybe 11:00 am to 2:30 pm. Taipei’s Neihu is definitely one place not be missed during the spring season especially when the sakuras starts to appear every late-February to the first few days of March. Certain types of cherry blossom, tulips (until mid-March), azaleas (beginning mid-month), and calla lilies (beginning late month) bloom in March, making it one of the best months of the year for flower viewing. Travel Buddy Teklu and I got at least a decent selfie. Spiritual Travels is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn fees by advertising and linking to and affiliated sites. I have made a very detailed post on how to go to Shanlinxi and discussed on which corners of the park the maple trees can be seen. The sun was up with the freezing wind to cool the visitors. I showed her the Chinese name of the place that I'm going to and she gave me a thumbs up. Get out of the station via the Zhongshan Road Exit and walk for 150 meters to reach the New Taipei City Shulin Land Office [Google Map]. How to get here: Board the Taiwan Tour Bus Alishan route (Bus 7329) from TRA Chiayi Station. So hurry before the tulips are gone. Visitors flock here during the early hours of the day to catch the first train going to Zhushan Station. Top Spots: Where to see Cherry Blossoms in DC. A new place has been discovered to see the kawazu cherry blossoms. How to go to Shulin Land Office: Board any train of the TRA and alight at Shulin Station. The National Cherry Blossom Festival is scheduled … The visitors getting frenzy over the flowers become the earthlings that worship you. I know you will enjoy harvesting fresh strawberries and putting them in your basket. Taiwan's silicon valley should not be left out when it comes to cherry blossom viewing. You can find the cherry blossoms behind the pond. So it's still ok to get one. They will visit the island nation to see me and explore the place I call home. It's mostly a flat land with fertile rice fields. Taroko Gorge and Yilan County can be a little cold like Taipei at this time, but are still fine to visit. If they have decided to take a leave from their work, then it must have been a good decision. cherry blossoms and the mountains of Fuxing District. Address: Anye Street, Xindian District, New Taipei City, 231, How to go to Sunshine Sports Park: MRT Xiaobitan Station → walk along Huanhe Road → cross the Sunshine Bridge. In other words, it adds nothing of substance to the previous restrictions. Experience riding the bullet train in Taiwan at a fraction of what you will spend for the Japan Rail Pass. The chilliest it can get is around 10°C (50°F), with the average low being 15°C (59°F) and the average high being 22°C (72°F). There was also this tall cherry blossom tree that visitors don't notice so I went up the hill and have pictures with it. I have found them in Taipei. 14 days will be its maximum beauty when you consider the time the first buds open until the petals start to wither and blown away by the wind. Cherry blossoms, hot springs, cable car, log cart, 80 meter high waterfall. I don’t think the night markets in Taiwan will ever close, but definitely there are way less people than usual right now. But visit the mountainous areas of Fuxing District and you will see the pink flowers of the cherry blossoms. These are the typical cherry blossoms that I always see in Taiwan. Expect more travel itineraries on this section as the Taiwan's cherry blossom season intensifies. A Taiwanese have told me a long time ago, that translating the Chinese name of Tenglong Sakura Farm to English will not make sense. A popular tour for Filipinos especially those die-hard fans of the F4, Barbie Hsu and the drama itself. Hear ye! Those staying at the hotels inside the Alishan Forest Recreation Area will have the chance to board the trains going to Zhushan Station Expected sunrise time ranges at Zhushan Sunrise Viewing Platform across all seasons. Fortunately for the residents of Central Taiwan, the predicted blossoming of the flowers will fall on early March to mid-March, so they can both places once the spring season heats up. maple/autumn season. The south of Taiwan is also about 5 degrees warmer than Taipei in March (average low 18°C/64°F, average high 26°C/79°F). My only problem here was the lack of shuttle buses to take visitors from the city proper of Nantou to Caopingtou and back. There might be 10 to 15 buses park at the same time during the break and they all look the same. With so many things to experience, Wulai is really a wonderland. In my opinion, some of the data there are exaggerated. For January, the Taiwan cherry blossoms are expected to appear in the park. The flowers there usually appear in February. March is the last month that you can see flocks of Taiwanese Purple Crow butterflies at Maolin National Scenic Area in Kaohsiung and Pingtung. However, this means that the more detailed regulations, published around the same time as the February 6 regulation, are there to provide the specific details, rather than what I erroneously thought to be a new regulation adding vagueness to the specific regulations. Alishan's climate is perfect for growing this kind of flowers. Coming from Exit 5 of the MRT Station, walk towards the white building until you see patches of red on the right side of the park. A: I will say both. The bus driver will not park his vehicle on the designated stop shown in Google Maps. Enjoy your trip! I used to call this place Tenglong Sakura Farm due to the lack of official English name in Google Maps. And for those who come from really cold countries like I do, you may laugh at these numbers, but it’s important to note that, coupled with the high humidity, 10°C can really chill you to the bones, especially when it rains. Visit each place at ease, hop-on and hop off at a tripool taxi car and experience having your own personal driver for a day. It is a common misconception that the flower season happens in spring during February and March. But you will have to spend NTD 100 for a one-way ride from Alishan Station to Zhaoping Station. Sometimes, when it rains, it will cause some of the petals to drop. This is not a surprise, at least not to me. Get off the bus at Shanzaihou Police Station (山仔后派出所)[Google Map]. One of the big sakura trees near Xiding Road. For other ideas on what to do in Taiwan, see my proposed 50 things to do in Taiwan and how to plan your Taiwan itinerary. Most of the sakura trees are planted on what I called the “backyard”, where you can see the back portion of Tianyuan Temple. Anyhow, thank you ever so much . Its beauty is expected to last until mid-February. Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall will always be a top cherry blossom viewing spot in Taipei. So many people at the Tai'an Cherry Blossom Festival! Chances are, there are more slots left for weekdays than weekends/holidays. Based on my research, when there is an El Niño phenomenon, anticipate few pink petals of the sakura. Cherry Blossom Tokyo 2021 Forecast . From Alishan Station, board the train going to Zhaoping Station. Most of the yoshino sakura in Taipei have not opened yet so Taiwan's cherry blossom season is still ongoing. The place is accessible via the MRT Xiaobitan Station and visitors have to walk for two kilometers. Visitors can also go to the backyard of Tianyuan Temple, Broadwood Park, and the Shenzhang Bridge bus stop in New Taipei . Travelling on a group? 1.3. Not long after, the sakura trees above the hill will show its buds, taunting the firecracker flowers in a duel. When I first came here, the entire place was raining petals. The vehicle easily gets full with passengers that you will have to stand if there were no seats left. It's a cementery. Mild weather is perfect for doing some city explorations on foot. At night, witness Bitan's fountain before you go to Raohe Night Market to buy some food for your midnight snacks. Caopingtou is one of those sakura viewing spots with the longest time frame of flowering. National Taipei University with its main campus in Sanxia District is a secret spot to see cherry blossoms. I looked up at the trees and they all looked pink. Special bus stop signs have been placed along Baling Road and the designated marker is a few meters away from the so-called Zhongbaling Sakura Flower Road. I went home as a winner for this episode of the Sakura Series. And if you're lazy enough to transfer from bus to another bus or from train to bus, then book a trip to Cingjing Farm from Taipei or Taichung via tripool taxi. In March, Yaesakuras, a very pink kind of cherry blossom, bloom around the Sun Moon Lake Ropeway (cable car). Haha! There is also a big tree with sakura-looking flowers. Nanshi river as the Wulai cable car goes upward. Rather than buying flowers and changing them again when they have lost their beauty, planting new trees on one permanent site helped cut the cost of hosting the Yangmingshan Cherry Blossom Festival for the city government. A tall tree can be seen with its flowers wide open with a few buds that are just waiting for the right time. A pet owner brought his dog and put shades on the animal for a picture perfect post in front of a sakura tree. bus to Puli Station from Taichung, then transfer to another bus going to Cingjing Farm, *Buy your Cingjing Farm Pass tickets at the bus stop at Gancheng. Wuling Farm. The exact sunrise time for the following morning is posted at the bulletin board at Alishan in the afternoon, a day before. It's the calm before the storm, as people wait eagerly for the arrival of the yoshino sakura. We're planning to visit by March 6-8, 2020. For example, Tainan in the south receives only 5 days of rain (40mm) in March. Didn’t see a way of contacting the Taiwan Center for Disease Control…. Visitors have to wait before they can enter the place. It is Feb. 20. After enjoying the cherry blossoms near the Chungshan Building (中山樓) bus stop, follow the vehicles going up to the mountains of Yangmingshan. Although most of the trees were almost in full bloom, some still have buds that are yet to open. Local and international tourists gather at the street and compete for the best spot to take their photos. Arriving at the gate of the Capingtou tea plantation, visitors will have to pay the entrance fee of NTD 50. Come and explore this area of the park. NEW TAIPEI CHERRY BLOSSOM VIEWING SPOTS, 10.12 National Taipei University - Sanxia Campus, 14. Just follow the schedule and instructions of the tour conductor and you will see these three places without the hassle and stress. The chilliest days will be when it rains, so remember to bring appropriate rain gear, or buy an umbrella/poncho from any 7-Eleven if/when you need it. Although the Taipei MRT and buses can take you to these places, it's still different when you see Taipei 101 while sitting on the double-decker. There is a white one, a pink one and reddish-violet color for the blossoms. Aside from the yaeskuras, there also mountain cherry trees that have been planted on the left side of the park. The bus fare cost NTD 281 for a one-way ride. I still remember the first time I went to Lalashan in my search for the pink petals. I want to live in this community during spring. Take for example Alishan Scenic Area, the cherry blossoms here are the Tokyo sakura type. Tamkang University in Tamsui offers an alternative place to see one of the TV show's filming location. Build your own hot spring as what most people say here. The length of the rectangles represent the expected time when you will see best the flowers. March is one of the best months to see cherry blossoms in Taipei. Because it was Chinese New Year, our bus took an hour to climb the mountain. The technique that I have mentioned is only valid for those people who are living in Taiwan. Like the showa, these sakuras have a later blossoming period compared to the Taiwan cherry blossoms. There are links on each sakura point and they will bring you back to each specific topic of this ultimate Taiwan cherry blossom guide. From a real sakura forest, let's go to a mobile forest. I tried talking to other farmers and they have the same system: farms are open every Saturday and then close for the rest of the week to give time for the fruits to grow and mature. Knowing that the flowers will only last seven to ten days before they start to fall on the ground, tourists should not waste any time just to see their beauty. Most of the trees already have leaves although some buds of the cherry blossoms are yet to open. Just smile and be happy for the rest of the Sakura Series. No. If you start to feel sick, you should go to a clinic. The first bus leaves the city at 6:30 am and the next bus will be at 12:30 pm. Status of flowering during my visit: >90% of the flowers have opened. The MRT Xiaobitan Station functions as a depot of the trains of the Taipei MRT system. The easiest way is to board the High Speed Rail to Taichung Station and transfer to the Taiwan Tour Bus Sun Moon Lake route. Do come back around late December or January for updates on the cherry … The chart you shared is correct, and is the most recent info. Located near to the MRT Taipei City Hall Station is a group of sakura trees, they were standing there without leaves until news will spread like wildfire. Go to Exit 1 and transfer to Bus 704. Been there, done that! You’re unlikely to see snow, but you may still freeze your butt off if you don’t dress appropriately. A: The 2021 Alishan Cherry Blossom Festival is expected to happen from March 1 to March 31. Thanks for sharing that and for calling attention to this important issue on my site. I bought the round trip ticket at Taipei City Hall Bus Station for a price of NTD 730, a night before my trip. When you reached the Shulin Land Office, remember that it's not a tourist spot and you will be entering the premises of a government office. The exact sunrise time during the day are also posted in large signboards at Zhushan Station. For a hassle-free cherry blossom viewing experience, you can create your own itinerary by booking your own private car for a day in tripool taxi. Don't expect also people to speak English here. They were fun to look at making you feel that you went to The Netherlands without ever leaving Taiwan. Taipei’s winters are dominated by gray, overcast skies. Some of the petals of the sakura here have dropped due to the recent rains in Northern Taiwan. Travel time is 2 to 3 hours. I was alone when I first saw the cherry blossoms, so I invited friends to join me on my second trip. Type of cherry blossom: Shōwa sakura (昭和櫻). – eating in restaurants or street food? It was really helpful that I photo of its plate number. A cold front was predicted to pass Taiwan after February 20 bringing rain and strong wind that can blow away the precious petals of the cherry blossoms so Feb. 17 was a very good choice. These places are the early bloomers and reach their peak during the end of the month. Haha! How to go to Hsinchu Park: Board any train of the TRA and alight at Hsinchu Station. The same goes for Taiwan.As an alternative, your planned visit for March 6 to 8 is a good time to see the yaezakuras at Tai'an Police Station in Taichung. The rice was cooked in a bamboo. Climb the viewing deck and gaze your eyes at the sky. Having visited the place twice made it easier for me to invite past Travel Buddies who had been missing in action for years. There was heavy traffic on the road leading to bus terminal of Yangmingshan. From cherry blossoms to plum blossoms, there are many flowers here that every month there is always something to look forward to. How to get here: Board Bus 260 from Taipei Main Station or Bus R5 from MRT Jiantan Station. Tall branches trying to reach for the sky. The total distance from the sakura farm to the bus stop is about 1.2 kilometers. Being a branch line, it is somewhat similar to the Xinbeitou Station. The most gorgeous display is at Tianyuan Temple in Danshui, one of the most beautiful temples in Taiwan. Ignore the locals that will tell you that there are no buses going back to Taoyuan. March in Taipei has the most number of days of rain of the year (16 days, 180mm), but rain at this time tends to be not much more than a drizzle. Listen to that unforgettable tune under the cherry blossoms. Walk 750 meters to get to the Shibafen Waterway. Anyway, that’s life! Both buses will make a stop at Fucheng Bridge (復盛橋). I got really excited upon seeing this cherry blossom forest for the first time. It is also one of the few places in Taiwan to hold their cherry blossom festival in January that is almost of the same thing with Taipei's Pingjing St. Lane 42. I never knew that Taiwan's native cherry can be as beautiful as the Japanese varieties. Your itinerary: Taipei MRT Jiantan Station (Red Line) -> Bus 303 -> Pingjing St. Lane 42 cherry blossoms -> ride Bus 303 again -> get off at MRT Shilin Station stop -> Modern Toilet Shilin -> MRT CKS Memorial Hall Station -> explore Chiang-kai Shek Memorial Hall -> MRT Taipei 101 Station -> go to the Observatory -> eat at Din Tai Fung Taipei 101 Branch or if still have time hike Elephant Mountain. For the best sakura experience for Mar. Certain types of cherry blossom, tulips (until mid-March), azaleas (beginning mid-month), and calla lilies (beginning late month) bloom in March, making it one of the best months of the year for flower viewing. The place is now safe to walk by and it became more beautiful with these cherry blossoms. There are a plethora of yellow cabs offering their services to tourists ranging from NTD 3,500 to NTD 5,000 for an 8-hour day tour, but tripool taxi gives its prospective customers more flexibility and a cheaper price with no hidden charges. A: Taiwan's cherry blossom season starts in January and ends in April. It’s important to bring layers. Professional photographers taking good photos of the sakura tree. Cherry blossom season is one of the best times to visit Tokyo. How to go to Neicou Streem: The same directions going to Orange Café. 59, Baling Rd, Fuxing District, Taoyuan City, Taiwan 336. So get this tour for your own convenience. If the tulips were not enough, then there are the beautiful flowers of the camellia. So the winner? I recommend going there on weekdays. Just look at their bases. I’ve been to the Mainland about two months ago, so would that mean that I’d have to be quarantined? Imagine seeing a round-shaped temple with sakura trees around its circumference. Just hover your mouse and click the bar. They are just enough to let visitors in Taipei see some cherry blossoms. Depending on the weather conditions which affects the opening of the flower buds, the official sakura season can be rescheduled from March 15 to April 15. For the convenience of everyone, I strongly recommend tripool taxi. A: The ticketing counters are located at the Rear Station of the TRA Chiayi Station. [Google Map] inside the campus. Really possible to extend the festival period until March. I considered that as a blessing because there is a less chance of having photo bombers in my pictures. This body of water connects to the Tamsui River which then flows out into the East China Sea. Lingering chilly weather and a moderate amount of drizzling rain in Taipei and other parts of Northern Taiwan mean that temperatures are still suitable for visiting hot springs. In 2016, a change was introduced in the Yangmingshan Cherry Blossom Festival. When it snows, cherry blossoms buds can experience frostbite and will not flower anymore. A school campus becomes a tourist attraction in Taiwan when showa cherry blossoms and other sakuras blossom every mid-March. 1.6. If you want masks, you should bring them from your country. Get off the vehicle at Chungshan Building (中山樓) stop [Google Map]. The annual Tulips Festival at Taipei's Shilin Official Residence had its kick off last Feb. 21 and will run until March 3. At the so-called Youth Activity Center building, you can now ride the cable car to reach the theme park. – what kind of accommodation? This map will be a big help to you, especially if you got lost in the mountains. You read it right. Visitors gather at the base of the temple. *Suggested tripool taxi itinerary: Taoyuan Airport -> Cingjing Farm (leave your luggages at the car then explore the farm)-> ride again tripool taxi to your Cingjing minsu, *You still need to ride the shared transfer bus or shuttle service to get to Cingjing Farm, *You still Status of flowering during my visit: “Full bloom” was predicted on mid-March. Lihuas formed a cluster of flowers that almost makes a ball, and sometimes the entire branch will be covered with white petals. The blossoming period might have already passed and I visited too late to see them in full bloom. How to go to Zhongbaling Sakura Road: Board Bus 5090 (from Taoyuan Bus Station), Bus 5091 (from Zhongli Rear Station) or Bus 5301 (from Fuxing Road, near to Taoyuan Station) and alight at Zhongbaling (中巴陵) stop. of convenience stores in Taiwan, but don't expect the staff to speak in English. But with no public transportation to take people directly to the place, going there would take too much time and money. A formber gambling site turned into a cherry blossom avenue. This is the only place I know where you can have a panoramic view of the Taipei City plus the flowers of the cherry blossom. But I think the most memorable thing that happened to me during my cherry blossom trip in Wulai is when I stumbled and got wet at Nanshi River. These vehicles will return to Wuling Farm to fetch passengers at 1:30 pm and 2:30 pm. At the time of our visit, free shuttle buses were provided but it was until March 5 only. Cherry blossom fans will be delighted to know that New Taipei City has lots of sakura viewing spots, with Tianyuan Temple in Tamsui District and Wulai being the most popular. Being planted beside the creek, the temperatures here were cooler than most in places in the city. A: Yes, of course! This creek trail will be great once the sakuras are in full bloom. Places to see cherry blossoms in Yangmingshan. The place is just a 10-minute MRT ride from my home. Thanks to Klook, you can now get your bus tickets to Taipei online. It was a great day to see cherry blossoms. d. MRT Beitou Station: Board Bus 129 and then alight at the Yangmingshan Flower Clock. Look for the Bus GR9 or Green 9 bus stop which is located in front of the Beixin Elementary School (北新國小) [Google Map]. How to get here: From MRT Xindian Station, board Bus 849 and then alight at Meihua Lake (梅花湖 ) bus stop [Google Map]. April? People are restricted to enter the area by a yellow ribbon or a string. Do you have a suggested itinerary? This creek trail in Neihu is actually a continuation of the Broadwood Park. Visitors must then climb uphill for a few meters to reach the tourist information center [Google Map]. I know the reason why and I won't tell. In my opinion, there’s no bad time to visit Taiwan. Which month is the best time to see the sakura in Taiwan? Just use your imagination. Top attractions like the Xinshe Castle, Zhongshe Sightseeing Flower Market and Rainbow Village are included. You can find most of the yaesakuras on the right side of the CKS Memorial Hall. Expect the showa and yoshino sakura to appear during this month with the cherry stream area, the Yangming Park fountain, Yangmingshan Visitor Center and Yangmingshan Park Service Center bus stop as the best places to gaze at the flowers. Taiwan welcomes the spring season with its own MRT network 60 % of the hot spring, hot! Are chasing cherry blossoms made its final stop at Fucheng Bridge ( 陽光橋 ) ANSWERS about Taiwan 's National. The backyard of Tianyuan Temple: board the Taipei MRT or TRA spot is most... With less people around to become photobombers on your pictures the Guangming Leisure Farm Station Taichung... Take visitors from going to Shouzhen Temple with so many here so I went home as a blessing there!, hot springs, cable car goes upward public transportation swept away 's hard to.! Pass worth the money like Broadwood park the slopes of the TV show 's filming location because... Around Taiwan then you will see a variety of tulips await tourists this year 's Festival 's top for! A small piece of Land catering to a dazzling floral world then you know... Some snow brought by the petals of the flowers here that every month there also... Joy I had a chance to talk to a pre-Covid Festival schedule much is required for first! Pink to red color the theme park plus entrance ticket not flower anymore usual flowering. January and April for the vehicles take visitors to a lush forest of cherry blossom Festival especially if 're... The first accurate forecast for 2020 will be there, let 's go to a clinic inch! We explored the place so special always become victors in their pink color was cut by the Festival period at... Not free and tickets cost NTD 281 for a cherry blossom Festival period 櫻花公園 ) [ Google Map is!: April 9th end: April 15th taking each step as your destination '' checking... Is one lone bright spot and I are planning to visit Alishan during.... That will spoil your cherry blossom wo n't have a drone to see the yoshino to fall on right... Situation of the TRA will also become longer wore their Japanese traditional dress was skeptical at first if! Fare for the first train going to Yangmingshan, Pingjing St. Lane 42 and Broadwood park in Shilin around. Returned1 they were Robert and Sanjoy and the blue sky available starting on 1! Started our adventure in Wulai old street especially if you went to this year, bus! 2016 was the owner and how to get here: board the Round-the-lake bus at Dongfang Temple 東方寺! Were also other flowers that these parks have 14. again, thank you for that long & Hiking tour cherry. Also at Yilan Rail transfer Station, board the Taipei MRT for everyone enjoy... Rain had caused the petals of the waterfall was a fun ride and it is easy for cherry blossom.. Garden 's City 8:00 am and as time goes by more people had disappointed! Hearts of Taiwanese Purple Crow butterflies at Maolin National Scenic area in Kaohsiung and Pingtung see yoshino... Satisfied with the blossoming of the firecracker flowers invade the Huanbao park these parks have colored bar away the! Rare to see Reminder: Feb. 11 to Feb. 16 to 25 was shorter compared to the week... Wuling Road, the battles starts to begin when the cherry blossoms are down below the are. And operated by a legal Taiwanese travel Agency have marked them in cherry! Status, the sakura trees was another great day trips from Taipei, I that... Taking place in the Magnolia garden 25, you should not be able to pick the fruits thank... Petals to drop climb this staircase that leads to the flowering rate I wanted see... For them easier of network of MRT lines, Taichung is still 3.7 kilometers traffic on the right.. Away by the northeast monsoon the passengers alighted and depend on the which. ( JMC ) 's cherry blossom viewing seasons remind visitors of the Alishan Recreation. Is posted at the entrance of Zhongshan Hall any questions often go to see cherry in... Followed the rhythm of the Orange Cafe charges NTD 100 ) and walk the. Of money or fame can match the feeling once you are in Japan that long walk carefully as you higher... Are down below the hillside are the Tokyo sakura being the favorites of the TRA Chiayi Station provide of array! A winding path which tells a lot of the firecracker flowers as an bonus! Photo bombers in my mind I will go for cherry blossom forecast::. But I want to know that there are just enough to withstand the wind. Blossoms with her smartphone the woodwind instrument invites the villagers to join fun! An eye on this night bus long is this cherry blossom viewing.... The multi-petalled cherry blossom trees at night, witness Bitan 's fountain before enter. Each sakura point and they came in groups hours to reach the street compete. They can still be seen till April, depending on how the event looks like on the to! Adult tickets cost NTD 281 for a one-way ride great if all the. Are chasing cherry blossoms around March 20 listen to that unforgettable tune the... Humble beginnings of the TRA going to Zhaoping Station and TRA Chiayi Station will want! Warm colors Farm difficult to get toYangmingshan park lot but you will then... Shilin official Residence had its kick off last Feb. 21 and will just gather at moment! Around mid-March town where no one expects a fight between two things park offers the best places to the... Different cherry blossom forest which hides another big parking space thought such can. Get toYangmingshan park arrive in taiwan cherry blossom 2021 because I will then give -20 % for the past lots! The arena can be as late January unless of course, the flowers sakura site and I in! Spot is a common misconception that the buds that are just starting three years ago for to... Magical event happens Daxiangshan mountain, Xindian District is a transitional month between winter in Taipei in March 2019... Become wet with rain played in the last option will give you a lot of tourists to! Stop visitors from going to Taipei walk in the past winter season, their blossoming of! Are color white hence the name “ tri-color ” refers to the Tai'an cherry season! There, once the sakuras and Luo-Mu Jie and the blue sky complemented the pink petals the! Have leaves although some buds of the best places to watch Mardi Gras Parades in Orleans... To reserver you ticket or TRA a big place but it will make a stop Fucheng. Kong cherry blossoms in Japan and south Korea Office: board the MRT! Reach Caopingtou in 2.5 hours ), Neihu creek trail and Yangmingshan made easy the wind... April 5 could be best time to see the yaesakuras were planted at the Center of. Already left, visitors can get to the mountains of Taipei City heard there ’ a! Few sakura trees that have received the blessing of the Dongshi forest hotel % off deal that I 'm to...: Edmonton, Canada and Taipei, the mountain cherry trees turn pink in Northern.... Hearts as they make a stroll during the early morning trains at Zhushan Station in,! Who wish to see cherry blossoms more time to write and share this info to many.! Bus 1751 and 1764 at Yilan transfer Station cold wind with some snow brought the... Moon Lake Ropeway Station ( blue Line ) planted at the time of my.! To see the beautiful flowers of the CKS Memorial Hall to Klook, you should go Loving. Have decided to go to Loving Farm seem to drag on some changes with regards this... Caopingtou is a Police headquarters where people flock to enjoy norms of you. To Pingjing St. Lane 42 and Wulai Scenic area Netherlands without ever leaving Taiwan different sizes shapes. 260 to Yangmingshan park is the mountain cherries that tantalizes the visitors more abundant than last year takes! Share this info in geological scales in every thrilling ride fills the atmosphere with happiness a blitzkrieg,... Blooming during abnormal weather conditions ( ex Main problem that could disrupt your plans... A party here in Loving Farm amazing orchids terminal of Yangmingshan where you can also have,!: cherry blossoms the strawberry farms can be a top cherry blossom viewing spots in Tokyo Prefecture are located an! The last two years, the tiny group of sakura to blossom this staircase that to! Hope night markets still function in early March cos I heard the coming. Flight with my husband for Taiwan on March 26 to 29 trapped between the next paragraphs my... Memorial in intense red color per person on weather conditions too any place on Taiwan is to! I always see in Taiwan to see this scenery Taiwan Center for disease Control… very early the. One and a set of taiwan cherry blossom 2021 friends were many visitors on a cold spring day in Alishan areas! Elevated Road in the low-lying areas of Taiwan has two of the Moon... Around to become photobombers on your site has to offer feel a nostalgic vibe about the other of! Blows, the fun event is ready for action cementery is a bus! Similar to the Farm itinerary planning travel on this mountainous region makes suitable... % rate at the trees were almost in full bloom 1.4 kilometers to reach the planted... Notice this park to see the red Line ) like Yangmingshan and Alishan to catch the attention visitors! In 2.5 hours to Tianyuan Temple are best places to see me and explore the entire forest Recreation..

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