// -->, Adventures in Fly Tying... expanded by works from Allen McGee I personally like the reel very much … Sow Bug Roundup. Details about Partridge & Yellow, Soft Hackle Wet Fly, Quantity 3. ... Blue/ Fluorescent Green Soft Hackles with Fluorescent Green and Light Blue marabou under on tube Eyes: Jungle Cock ... Glenfarclas on a size 8 partridge patriot and on a plastic tube with a medium gold cone. The naming convention helps label the bins in our fly shops, and helps us fly fishers communicate with each other when we are reporting the hot Soft Hackle of the day. Traditional boxes are fine, but these are the real deal. Sylvester Nemes published The Soft Hackled Fly (Stackpole Books, ISBN 0-8117-1670-8) back in 1975. Yes, this fly is that good. Be the first to review “Partridge & Orange” Cancel reply. more effective. On lakes and ponds a soft hackle fly cast in front of a cruising trout and then twitched slightly can be absolutely deadly. A good many fly fishers are probably still uncertain about how a wet fly differs from a soft-hackled fly, and if the differences are even worth bothering with. Be sure to stop by to see us at the Sow Bug Roundup March 22nd, 23rd and 24th … // -->