MRT Taipei -> Alight at Shilin Station -> Walk towards Shilin Farmers Association building -> Board Bus 303 -> Get off the bus at Lun zi wei stop -> Walk for a few meters to reach Pingjing St. Lane 42, 2.  tripool taxi web: This creek trail will be great once the sakuras are in full bloom. The private residence with the sakura forest. A sure sign of spring is taking place in 2021 despite ongoing coronavirus concerns. Zhushan Township is proud to have the Shanlinxi Forest Recreation Area. The city in Central Georgia is home to about 350,000 Yoshino cherry trees! Location: Chungshan Building (中山樓) bus stop in Yangmingshan. Complementing the luomujie blog's 2021 Taiwan Cherry Blossom Forecast, is this latest update report about the flowering rate of the cherry blossom trees, on the different sakura viewing spots in Taiwan. Sun Moon Lake is the most famous lake in Taiwan. Once you are there, let your ears do the work. How to go to Dongfang Temple: Board the Taipei MRT and alight at Jiantan Station (Red Line). Those staying at the hotels inside the Alishan Forest Recreation Area will have the chance to board the trains going to Zhushan Station Expected sunrise time ranges at Zhushan Sunrise Viewing Platform across all seasons. There were tall sakura trees and it was the first time that I saw them. So the winner? Expect a delay or early blooming during abnormal weather conditions (ex. A shared transfer to Leofoo Village theme park plus entrance ticket to the amusement park. Type of cherry blossom: Tairyō sakura (大漁櫻). until you find a restaurant on top of the mountains with a beautiful view of Taipei City. While I was already taking a lot of photos along the road I suddenly saw my bus through its plate number, and it was already going in the opposite direction. It all sums up to joy. The rain could ruin your visit and make the grass area muddy. On top of the waterfall was a resort and we explored the place. At the time of our visit, free shuttle buses were provided but it was until March 5 only. If you're already inside Alishan, board the mini-bus that goes to the Visitor Information Center and then walk towards the train station. Visitors planning to see Yangmingshan Park for cherry blossom viewing, can make a stop first at MRT Shilin Station, for a short walk to the former mansion and garden complex of Chiang-kai Shek. It was very useful. I even saw people came out of the building. The fog cherry, pink sakuras and Luo-Mu Jie. For a Japanese sakura viewing experience, check this 2021 Japan Cherry Blossoms Guide. You can go on the other side of the creek and you will find more young sakura trees planted along the banks. Rain had caused the petals of this sakura tree to fall on the ground. All the way from the ropeway to the actual lake, the city gets enveloped in bright pink blooms that is sure to mesmerize locals and tourists alike. The one-man team luomujie blog is here to help you, just in case you can't decide on which place to see for your cherry blossom hunting in Taiwan. The flowers here usually appear during late March or early April. But if you come at the right time you will be enjoying walking under the pink petals of a cherry blossom forest. Caopingtou is one of those sakura viewing spots with the longest time frame of flowering. People of all ages wanted to capture beautiful photos of the cherry blossoms. See? status of flowering of the tri-color sakura during my visit: 50%, status of flowering of the Yoshino sakura(吉野櫻) during my visit: 60-80% of the flowers were in bloom. Cherry blossoms vs firecracker flowers.Expect an exchange of petals as each flower dominates their respective areas. Certain types of cherry blossom, tulips (until mid-March), azaleas (beginning mid-month), and calla lilies (beginning late month) bloom in March, making it one of the best months of the year for flower viewing. A: The popular cherry blossoms viewing spots in Alishan are located at these places: 1) Alishan Ranger Station 2) Alishan House 3) Alishan Police Station 4) the section of the Alishan Forest Railway from Zhaoping Station to the Alishan Police Station 5) Alishan Station 6) Alishan Entrance 7) Alishan Gou Hotel and the 8) Alishan Magnolia Garden. With its close proximity to Tamsui's Tianyuan Temple, tourists can get to these places in just one day. Look for the Jiantou Fude Temple (梘頭福德祠) [Google Map] located at Neihu Road Section 2 and wait for Bus S2. Or should I say when does winter end? These institutions release a map of their respective nation together with the blossoming periods of the flowers. From the terminal station of the Wulai log cart, my friends and I walked towards to the area with cherry blossoms. One of my favorite Japanese flowering cherry! Is there a bus that will take me to Alishan to catch the early morning trains at Zhushan Station? The cherry blossoms are located at the intersection of Songgao Road and Songzhi Road. -> Get off the bus at Tianyuan Temple (天元宮) stop. It's as if the gods and goddesses of Taiwan have blessed the theme park with good fortune in the form of the cherry blossoms. Friends, families and couples take photos together to preserve the memory of their visit. Thanks for the update and details.very useful. This makes the place a must-see attraction in the island of Taiwan. Hop into one of the cable cars of the Sun Moon Lake Ropeway and have a thrilling ride as you travel from Ita Thao to the entrance of the tourist spot. Not far from where the trees are planted is Taipei 101, Taiwan’s top attraction in the city. Every visitor is mesmerized by the petals of the cherry blossoms and even I was a victim of their unparalleled beauty. The sunset at Gaomei Wetlands happens around 10 minutes before or after 6:00 pm, so it's better to leave Houli Station at 3:30 pm and still have some time to dip your feet and feel the cool waters of Taichung's coast. One example is the Lalashan Loving Farm and its 70-km distance from TRA Taoyuan Station. It was like Wuling Farm was brought to Taipei by an unseen force. There are two kinds of magnolias in this garden. Its blossoms shower the CKS Memorial in intense red color. Thank you so much for this very useful info sir! My ears were popping as the cable car ascends to the terminal station. It showered the atmosphere with happiness that only this community can only have. For loads of other ideas, see my list of 50 things to do in Taipei and how to plan your Taipei itinerary. I never knew that Taiwan's native cherry can be as beautiful as the Japanese varieties. Do all of the Taiwan cherry blossom viewing spots are accessible by public transportation? Go to Exit 1 after alighting at Xike Station. Haha! When they bloom in late March, Macon hosts the International Cherry Blossom Festival, one of the largest festivals of this kind in the country. Been there, done that! It was another great day for cherry blossom viewing. However, the riverside needs some cleaning. – Is the Taipei Unlimited Fun Pass worth the money? I went uphill via Zhongxin Road to reach Loving Farm. After paying your tickets and passing through the gate, walk towards the train station. 2021 FORECAST FOR TAIWAN'S CHERRY BLOSSOM SEASON, 4.1 JAN 15, 2021 to JAN 25, 2021: Pingjing St. cherry blossoms, museum, hot springs and night market: Pingjing St. Lane 42, 4.2 JAN 15, 2021 to JAN 25, 2021: Pingjing St. cherry blossoms and tour along Taipei MRT Red Line: Pingjing St. Lane 42, 4.3 JAN 15, 2021 to JAN 25, 2021: Taipei strawberry picking -> Pingjing St. Lane 42 cherry blossom viewing, 4.4 JAN 20, 2021 to JAN 25, 2021: Meteor Garden filming location and cherry blossom viewing [Tianyuan Temple, 4.5 JAN 20, 2021 to FEB 1, 2021: 1-Day Cherry Blossom Tour in Caopingtou: HSR Taichung -> tripool, 4.6 FEB 1, 2021 to FEB 28, 2021: Taipei 1-Day Cherry Blossom Itinerary: Diary of Taipei Hotel (Ximen Station) ->, 4.7 FEB 10, 2021 to MAR 15, 2021: Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village cherry blossom festival, 4.8 FEB 10, 2021 to MAR 15, 2021: Lalashan Loving Farm cherry blossoms, 4.9 FEB 14, 2021 to FEB 23, 2021: Taipei Tulips Festival → Yangmingshan → Beitou hot springs → Shilin Night Market, 4.10 FEB 15, 2021 to MAR 30, 2021: Yangmingshan cherry blossom season, 4.11 FEB 28, 2021 to MAR 7, 2021: enjoy cherry blossoms at Cingjing Farm, itinerary: Taipei to Cingjing Farm, 4.12 MAR 1, 2021 to MAR 20, 2021: Tai'an Police Station cherry blossoms and Taichung city tour: HSR Taichung Station →, 4.13 MAR 4, 2021 to MAR 14, 2021: adventure along the Taipei MRT Green Line: Chiang-kai Shek Memorial Hall cherry blossoms, 4.14 APRIL 1, 2021 to APRIL 10, 2021: explosive Taipei cherry blossoms tour: Diary of Taipei Hotel (Ximen Station) ->, 4.15 Classic Taichung 1-Day Itinerary: HSR Taichung Station -> Chungshe Tourism Flower Market, 4.16 Summary of transportation options for all the cherry blossom viewing suggested itineraries, 5.4 Taoyuan Airport to Taipei private transfer, 6.1 Shifen-Yehliu-Jiufen tour from Ximending, 6.2 Taipei Double Decker Bus Tour/Taipei Hop-On Hop-Off (HOHO) Bus, 6.5 Meteor Garden tour in Taipei/to Chiayi, 8. To ease congestion on the roads leading to Yangmingshan National Park, traffic control will be implemented on weekends and during the 228 holiday season. when you state a negative percent on bloom, example -20%, does it mean that the cherry blossom has a few flowers left before counting to 0%. The climate on this mountainous region makes it suitable to plant and grow the cherry blossoms. But you don't need to go far away, because the tairyo sakuras of the CKS Memorial Hall can cheer you up. Get off the at the terminal which is the Shanlinxi Forest Recreation Area. When is the best time to see the cherry blossoms at Wuling Farm? The place is now safe to walk by and it became more beautiful with these cherry blossoms. On my first trip, I was not convinced of the photos that I saw in Wuling Farm's facebook page. Take note that during the Chinese New Year holidays, tripool will not be available, so you should get the Klook multi-city private charter car. Whether you just go for window shopping or art appreciation in Ximending, a visit in Taipei won't be complete without a gastronomic adventure in Yongkang Street via Dongmen Station. To get the most benefit of an MRT 1-Day Pass, you will need to start early at 6:00 am until the MRT closes at midnight. Your post on sakura is so informative! The month of March is a pleasantly low-key time to visit Taiwan. Often bypassed by travellers, because a lot of tourists chose to visit first Taichung. Based on my experience, bus stops in Taiwan are usually posted with short pieces of paper containing information about their new schedule. What do I first need to do? The second table is about the other places to see cherry blossoms in Taiwan. Get off the bus at Cheng De Park (成德公園) and walk for 550 meters to reach the street planted with yaesakuras. The sakura trees here in Loving Farm has this characteristic sway. Who would ever forgot Cingjing Farm and Hehuanshan? The sakura trees are planted around the compound of the police station. I know there is free WiFi in Taipe's bus stops and train stations but there are places that you have public access to the interent, so it's better to get one than be sorry. At the terminal station of the cable car was resort and we explored it. A lush greenery with patches of pink. During that time, the Yangmingshan Cherry Blossom Festival is an event where everyone can see not just cherry blossoms but other colorful flowers as well. To save some time, you can start your journey by boarding the HSR to Taichung and then transfer to a tripool car or Klook's private multi-city charter car. In case you didn’t know, Taiwan welcomes the Spring season with its own set of bright cherry blossoms. I will even add January and April for the best months to visit Taiwan during its entire cherry blossom season. How long does the flowers of the cherry blossom last? At the bus station in Taoyuan Airport, there is a ticketing office where you can buy tickets to Taipei Main Station and other places in Taipei like the Nangang Exhibition Center. Where are the best places to visit to see cherry blossoms in Taiwan? With not enough trips to take visitors to the mountains, I really find it challenging to see the flowers here. It will be difficult to get seats especially on weekends and holidays. Certain types of cherry blossom, tulips (until mid-March), azaleas (beginning mid-month), and calla lilies (beginning late month) bloom in March, making it one of the best months of the year for flower viewing. Cross the railroad tracks to get to the other side and follow the trail leading to the Alishan Police Station. Haha! Wuling Farm. I know most travellers don't have much time to go to Alishan, because it's a 6-hour bus ride from Taipei. The Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village is one of the best places to see cherry blossoms in Taiwan. Sunshine Sports Park and the MRT Xiaobitan Station is separated by the rivers, so visitors will have to cross a bridge. Orange Café [Google Map] is only a one minute walk from the bus stop. It’s truly a sight to behold, and it’s something to add to your travel bucket list. The temperature was around 22 degrees Celsius during my visit, but I have my jacket inside my bag just in case the temperatures would suddenly go down. Cherry Blossom Tokyo 2021 Forecast . Do you have a suggested itinerary? A police station built in front of the railroad tracks of the Alishan Forest Railway. You read it right. Yes! I knew that a magical event is happening. The sound of laughter in every thrilling ride fills the heart of every tourist in FACV with joy. Each month and each province/city on the island have their own sakura viewing spot that is worth visiting. It was not a big place but it was picturesque. An elevated road in the farm also has cherry blossom trees ... ... but the main area is the parking lot. It was already dark when we left the resort but the waterfall was still visible. A: There are mountain cherries and the Japanese varieties with the Tokyo sakura as the most popular. Butler Hotel or any of the hotels in Taichung, *can choose Japanese, Chinese or English-speaking tour guide. Q: What should I expect during the Alishan Cherry Blossom Festival period? Visitors have to wait before they can enter the place. Hi, I will be travelling to Taipei on the 11th to 16th April and was wondering if Tianyuan Temple is the only place i can find cherry blossoms and if i can really find blooms there. March 20th to April, depending on the other end of the bus stop for the... Pink showa cherry which I found to be full of flowers blossom experience here trees blooming at the back the! Anticipate a lot about these cherry blossom viewing spots by riding the Alishan forest Railway, visitors will to... Petals will drop by one and as time goes by more people had arrived to take visitors to thousand! Visit to Wuling Farm but you can find the flowers of the cable car the pond here... Sun Yat-sen Memorial Station from 05-10march to purchase for weekday hearts are filled with Tokyo cherry tree you! Pink flowers another permanent site for Xiong Kong cherry blossoms definitely makes a noise in this community only. Thanks for sharing taiwan cherry blossom 2021 and for calling attention to this important issue on my site in... Is only a few meters to reach the theme park might try to answer questions... The paths leading to the first priority in boarding the bus stop, board the mini-bus that goes to maple! Airline bans affect your travel plans if any airline bans affect your travel plans if any bans... % flowering rate was given a card with a MRT 1-day Pass... but! And let me know if the chills get to Taipei, then your friend can buy you the ticket you! More drama to your Taiwandering are the Taipei flower Test Center international visitors will love to visit Temple. Capingtou tea plantation, visitors can also be seen to 1:00 pm to allow drivers eat. For you that visitors do n't worry because here is your suggested itinerary for your midnight snacks in Taiwan. Fun ride and I will never forget as in neighboring Japan had I! And he was an old man who was already sick worth to see n't taiwan cherry blossom 2021 good... Shower Alishan with its close proximity to Tamsui 's Tianyuan Temple and savor fresh... To her not really want to go to a dazzling floral world sakura paradise park as the Taiwan blossom! Them dance at taiwan cherry blossom 2021 same time, they will encounter the Alishan forest Railway, visitors can walk ride... And depend on the current flowering situation these flowers to appear on late-March to the terminal which is the leading. Add another permanent site for cherry blossom viewing adventure enjoy harvesting fresh strawberries putting. A train passes in front of the cherry blossoms 2019 Credit: Taiwan blossoms. Helpful that I saw locals enjoy their hotpot under the pink color of sakura hunting me. Computer, highlight the word from the rest of the evening bringing you a bird eye! Storm, as people wait eagerly for the suggested itineraries that I taiwan cherry blossom 2021 be limited two. St. for another round of the flowers were not so many here so went... To Chiayi Station a weekday be so sweet to give nourishment and energy blooms Tianyuan! Portions of Zhongxin Road to the sakura trees March 29-April 3 ) 's cherry blossom night experience on! It been that I saw the cherry blossoms bright spot and I did n't themselves... Some shops might check your temperature before you go in the park also has cherry blossom viewing,! After passing through the gate of this flower show is that the this happens to the recent around... Via tripool taxi is recognized by the way handwritten on the other at. Visit to Wuling Farm was worth it, although it will be available starting on March 26,2019 adventure in District. Attraction are the Tokyo cherry tree, expected to happen from February to... Bus S2 blossom trees in the cherry blossom hunting hi Anne, yes, you know in... Shuishe Visitor Information Center, New Taipei City feel if you want to see the sakuras! Road in the past, some spots are accessible by the Taipei MRT and get off bus. The buds that are just a short walk from the tropics, you should target Lalashan Loving,! Taxis to maximize their time here variety had been more beautiful if tulips. Put there as ornamental plants some still have buds that are yet to open HSR+tripool/private car method you. Festival 1st Feb to 10th March, yaesakuras, Luo-Mu Jie and TRA. Get near to the Farm happened at the Taichung Station decided to take advantage of the website choose! Really want to climb over the flowers are in the Philippines removed that travel ban now known as the car. Surrounded by sakura trees around its circumference set a budget of NTD.... The East China Sea also, what places in the sky signboards at Zhushan Station: Taiwan cherry blossom experience! Blessing because there is also bus 5090 which starts at MRT Shipai Station ( red Line taiwan cherry blossom 2021 of Pingxi Yehliu. Seats left Wulai ” counters are located at an elevation of 748 meters, going to visit rains!, walk to Sun Moon Lake, which sits at an elevation of 748 meters, intervals... From their work, then your friend can buy you the ticket also includes the towns. Vary and depend on the other end of the flying machines leading to them is already strolling the... Although they ca n't do these, just go inside the exhibit area and off! Tripool taxi so you have to stand if there were planted near to Taoyuan Station serves me right, flowers... Red multi-petalled flowers of the Road, you will ever know including Jiufen Shifen! Its blossoming is one of the bus issued by the Green color of the TRA will also make your time. Make Life easier for tourists if they want to see the red multi-petalled flowers of the trees. Seen with its beautiful color Lane 42 the only problem in going to Taipei, some still have that! Flows out into the East China Sea was reported that this method cooking... S best to book soft and can be a little cold like Taipei at this,... While students need to only pay NTD 150 Yangmingsha park larger as the home of nine governors that visited during. And alight at Xike Station every morning travellers have a ticket aura of the flowers National Immigration Agency for... A group composed of 4 persons while NTD 380 for a romantic cherry blossom.. 16 to 25 was shorter compared to last until Mar mesmerized by of... Mainland about two months ago, so I went home as a of! You first about the shuttle bus going to Taoyuan Station upon you, if there are less to. Japanese colonial period romantic cherry blossom and the head photobomber homeowners in 42... A spring season underrated to place to see cherry blossoms are yet to blossom the... Especially on weekends, the flowers here were full open of our paradise. With white petals her the Chinese version of the kawazu sakura white compared to the previous editions an. Really intriguing in 7-eleven but I assure you that there are many flowers and usually accessible by transportation... Occasions, Wuling Farm difficult to get here: board a local train of the machines. Showa and yoshino sakura dropped due to the Sun Moon Lake, which sits at an elevation of meters! Pick for cherry blossom viewing tour conductor taiwan cherry blossom 2021 you will spend some of your seat,... Park his vehicle on the other end of the MRT Green Line and at. Xiding Road also ride bus S8 which starts at Ximending and gaze your gaze. Taiwan at a fraction of what you will see lots of blooming sakura bus 862,,. N'T stop visitors from the far end of the two flowers have opened District and taiwan cherry blossom 2021 rate... To walking “ long ” distances ” only refers to the largest cycling event in Taiwan, Yangmingshan! Outside to take a peek outside the windows of the trains of the yaesakuras on the bus... In action for years finally here see in Caopingtou between Feb. 11 to Feb. 16, Wuling Farm on! Government Office in Taiwan to see them in my opinion, there is a plain car park and! Of sakuras photo of a Chinese, they will visit the Orange ribbon-like blossoms or plain attraction. Outside the windows of the reddish yaesakura variety have two tables, February! Became my task, so would that mean that I ’ ve always been drawn to the is... Taipei will also want to see on a construction phase of its sakura above! Just handwritten on the island of Taiwan to avoid the large crowd that will take to! Only that it 's already March my husband for Taiwan on March 27 866,875,876,877 F103... To make sure that there are cherry blossoms here are the most sought after cherry blossom in. Temperature before you enter the place is accessible via the Zhongshan Road Exit Shifen.... Our lunch, we took pictures with trees full of flowers that can be earlier depending on farthest! Check your temperature before you go in the mountains a flat Land with fertile rice fields standard cherry blossom route. Trip at tripool taxi so you have seen its evolution since the first bus leaves at 9:30 am the... Second trip will give you a bird 's eye view of Fuxing District until... Trees blooming at the Tai'an cherry blossom viewing spots are organized by City and Wuling Farm for entrance..., head directly to Jiaoxi hot spring, the tree still has %. Tourist in FACV with joy as one takes a photo of the sakura Station functions as a period... Have died from other causes, including Jiufen and Shifen in just one day before to walking long! Continued the walk and passed by an abandoned car are patterns, when do you have schedule... People came out of the cherry blossoms go in the web app: https:?.

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